Student Council Leads the Way


Student Council

Student Council members Sam Brown, Colin Skinner, Casey Pendergast, Sam Giberga, and Phillip James are ready to lead the student body this year. (photo by Turner St. Romain)

(COVINGTON, La.) – This year’s St. Paul’s School Student Council is a group of dedicated students with a new set of ideas, whose main focus is to make school the best experience for students that it can be.

“The Student Council’s one goal is to improve the school, not as we see fit, but as the people see fit,” Student Council President Sam Giberga V said.

This year, Giberga and the Student Council plan to include participation in events for the City of Covington.

“One specific event to do is a potential WWI memorial event, as this is the 100th anniversary of the war,” Giberga said.

Regarding campus activities, St. Paul’s is a school with a lot of tradition, such as March through the Arch and Senior Ring Ceremony. The council hopes to enhance current traditions and bring back some from the past.

“One thing we are trying to bring back is the amount of spirit at athletic events. We have some very creative ideas concerning that,” Giberga said, noting that council activities will include starting cheers for their team and just being at the games and being supportive.

Giberga is assisted by a team of dedicated students, including a vice-president, treasurer, class representatives, and a cabinet of appointed secretaries, including Parliamentarian, Secretary of Public Relations, and Secretary of Information.

Beau Briggs is in Giberga’s cabinet of advisers and on his executive board, holding the position of Secretary of Education, who looks at what the council could do to improve each week at school. According to Briggs, the Students Council has worked and supported many fundraisers so far this year.

“So far, we have helped with a few fundraising efforts, most notably Mrs. Denny Charbonnet’s granddaughter’s lemonade stand to raise money for her daughter’s (Elise Angelette) breast cancer treatment. But, we have many fundraisers still in the planning stage,” Briggs said.

The Student Council helped the Angelette family with selling lemonade at the stand and advertising the event at school.

“At the end of the day, I believe the stand raised over $2700,” Giberga said.

According to Giberga, other upcoming events include working and planning for Homecoming.

“We are also planning a possible car wash,” Giberga said.

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    […] she has received incredible amounts of prayers and support from students at St. Paul’s. Student Council and Lasallian Youth Leaders have organized various fundraisers, donations, and other forms of aid […]



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