Guerrilla Wolves Movie News with Parker Layman: The Archive Pt. 1

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Welcome to the official archive of Guerrilla Wolves Movie News. Join your host, Parker Layman, as he breaks down the latest releases in cinema while using extravagant hand gestures like Don Corleone in an electric chair.

Best & Worst of Summer

In this thrilling chapter, Parker recaps the best and worst summer tentpoles… meaning he mainly gripes about Transformers 4 and breezes past Guardians of the Galaxy. Clearly he has his priorities straight.

• • •

Game Not So Tall

Mr. Layman expresses his disappointment at the latest high school football drama, which he later learned was a favorite of many of his teachers and Brother Ray. Whoops.

• • •

Tale of Two Tails

Parker Layman gives his emotional opinion on the worldwide box office powerhouse, Dolphin Tale 2.

• • •


Running in a Maze

Everyone’s favorite egomaniac navigates the latest young adult novel adaptation, the Maze Runner. Soon after, a slew of fanboys are sure to crawl out of the woodwork and complain about his opinion.


All clips courtesy of the St. Paul's Guerrilla Wolves.
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