Big Brains Come Up With Big Ideas

Teacher John Carambat sits atop one big idea. (Photo by Jordan Kliebert)
Teacher John Carambat sits atop one big idea. (Photo by Jordan Kliebert)

(COVINGTON, La.) — St. Paul’s sophomore biology classes have been working on an annual project called “The Big Idea,” either working solo or with a partner. The goal of the project is to find a more efficient way to do something. The students’ projects can include whatever they come up with, per teacher approval.

Biology teacher John Carambat assigns the Big Idea project every year because he says, “It helps students use their minds to create something that is more efficient.”

The craziest ideas that Carambat has seen over the years include a potato cannon, an ATV that floats on water, bicycle powered boats, and a laptop computer that runs off of bicycle powered energy.

Thanksgiving 2
Beau Monteiro shows his excitement about completing his Big Idea Project. (Photo by Jordan Kliebert)

Sophomore Beau Monteiro finished his project right before the due date. Monteiro’s project included a hanging water bottle hydroponic garden. It works by pouring water into one of the water bottles, flowing down and watering each plant.

“It is a great way to grow plants indoors,” Monteiro said.

Sophomore Jeremy Boudreaux finished his project long before the due date. Boudreaux built a solar powered pontoon boat large enough for many people to sit on and ride.

Big idea Boat
Jeremy Boudreaux displays his boat. (Photo courtesy Jeremy Boudreaux)

According to Boudreaux, his Big Idea was developed “to help save on gas, and (to provide) a great way of transportation.”

Some of the projects were due Nov. 4 – 5, and others were due Nov. 6-10. Projects were  presented in front of the class while the students showed PowerPoint presentations.

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