New Signs Help Visitors Navigate Campus

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(COVINGTON, La.) — When a new student, teacher, parent, or visitor steps onto St. Paul’s campus for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. St. Paul’s is not your average high school campus and is more approached like a college campus. Unlike other campuses, St. Paul’s has a pond, covers many blocks, includes a residence for the retired Brothers, and also has a historic theater.

“The first time I stepped on campus, I felt like it was really big, also I had to look at my schedule sheet a lot,” said Sophomore Raymond Serpas.

To lessen the confusion, there have been some new signs put around campus to help inform visitors and future students.

“I decided to replace and improve the signage around campus after a parent came to me out of concern,” Principal Trevor Watkins said, who enlisted the Development Office to help with the project.

According to Watkins, about that same time, an alumus in the sign business approached SPS with an offer to replace the signs around campus.

“He helped us with directional signage and updated the building signage, as well,” Watkins said. “The old signs were outdated, incomplete, missing letters and were an eyesore.”

However, the new signs that visitors, students, and staff can now see around campus are temporary until St. Paul’s gets the permanent ones put up.

“We got those up quickly for the Open House event so that newcomers to the campus could find their way around,” said Watkins.

According to Watkins, all of the signage will look the same from place to place, and the building and interior signage will all match, as well.

“Since the new signs were put up, the comments have been positive. I think when it is all done, the campus will be much more attractive for it,” Watkins said.

(Photos by Jordan Kliebert)



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