2014 World Year in Review

2014 in Review World Around Us

by Thomas Williamson, Contributing Writer

Years pass so rapidly that it’s often hard to imagine that they’re over. Each year brings in memories, either sad or amazing, for each person, giving them a different view of the year. Due to social media and technology, people can capture everything in our short time on Earth and put it into historic perspective for generations to come.

The world has gone through a mess in 2014. Entertainers such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joan Rivers, Shirley Temple, H. R. Giger, and Robin Williams have sadly passed away. Shocking events overseas such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Ukrainian and Hong Kong conflicts, the Ebola epidemic, and issues with the terrorist group ISIS have glued people to news outlets such as FOX, CNN, and ABC News.

America has gone through an eventful year in its own right. Donald Sterling’s racist remarks, the VA scandal, race riots, the 2014 senate elections, and the Sony hack from a pro-North Korea cyber terrorist group shocked people young and old.

St. Paul’s has also made changes. The lanyard is now official school policy and new faces have come in to teach students. The most notable change is to the face of the campus itself. While not fully materialized, construction on the new gym has started, and most of the student body approves the change.

As 2015 begins, the future looks to be an interesting year. As some people believe the world is coming to an end, it surprises many with the growth of prosperity and peace brought about by freedom and human kindness. Hopefully, this trend will continue for generations to come.


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