New Semester Brings New Teachers

The new year brings us many things like gifts, memories, lessons, and a new outlook for the upcoming new year. St. Paul’s also took a new approach and decided to acquire two new teachers to kick off the new year in 2015.

“We are very excited to get both on board,” said Assistant Principal Joe Dickens.

While this may not be as exciting as a free agent signing with the Saints or a recruit signing with LSU, it might be the most important signing that could have St. Paul’s happened over the break.

(photo by Nico Arcuri)
2008 alumnus Winston Capps returns to campus to teach math and science. (photo by Nico Arcuri)

One of the new teachers is Winston Capps. He is a St. Paul’s alumnus from the class of 2008, tutors math, teaches ACT prep, and, according to Dickens, has a tremendous amount of experience in math and science. He now teaches one calculus class and two chemistry classes at SPS and has teaching experience at the college level. One could say teaching is in his blood, since Capps’ mother is a teacher at St. Scholastica Academy.

“After exploring several areas, I found that I truly enjoyed tutoring and assisting students with learning,” Capps said regarding his career choice. He went on to say teaching at SPS was like a “natural progression” for him.

His goal as a teacher is to guide students and assist them by understanding how they learn. According to Capps, his favorite part of being a teacher is “watching that ah-ha moment when a student truly understands the material.”

He said being a part of the SPS staff brings back memories, and expressed that the faculty has welcomed him back in a way that makes him feel appreciated.

Socrates said know thyself, but Mrs. Bosch says know the material.
Socrates said know thyself, but new Advanced Math teacher Linda Bosch says ‘know the material.’ (photo by Nico Arcuri)

The next addition to the SPS faculty is Linda Bosch. According to Dickens, she comes to SPS with high credentials in upper level math and has the experience to step into the role they needed to fill.

Bosch is not entirely new to SPS, as Dickens says she has taught an in-school math redemption class here at SPS. Bosch now teaches three advanced math classes.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since 7th grade,” said Bosch, noting that she said she had a teacher who inspired her to learn, and ultimately teach. She started tutoring friends in school and realized she enjoyed helping people learn.

Bosch had been retired from teaching when SPS reached out to her. She wasn’t ready to retire, and given the school’s reputation, she said it was impossible to say no.

Many students have sat in a classroom and bursted aloud, “How will this help us in the real world?”
That’s why Bosch feels her goal as a teacher is to teach skills that can be used in everyday life outside of a classroom.

Like Capps, Bosch said her favorite part about being a teacher is when she sees “the light bulb.” She noted that it is in that moment that the student has learned and comprehended the material, and from that moment on can use the acquired skill to help him through life.

Bosch says she feels right at home at SPS. “It’s wonderful; it’s like a big family. I love it.”


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