Top 10 Cartoons of All Time

Whether it was Saturday morning or coming home after a tough day of school, we could all count on our favorite heroes and characters to cheer us up in our favorite cartoons.

It may seem impossible to name a number one cartoon, or even rank them at all, since every cartoon is number one to someone. However, this is The Paper Wolf’s attempt to list some of the most iconic, funniest, and underrated cartoons. Please take the poll at the end to weigh in on the subject. Let’s begin, shall we?

10. Tom and Jerry


Tom and Jerry provide an entertaining game of cat and mouse in this cartoon. One of the requirements for this list is the longevity factor of a show, and that it can always be related to regardless of the time or generation that’s viewing it. Tom and Jerry can entertain even the simplest of minds. This means it will be entertaining youngsters for years to come.

9. Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter and company come in at nine. Whether Dexter had a plot to hatch or one to foil, once you started watching, you could not stop until the end of the show. It wasn’t just Dexter that would keep your eyes glued to the screen, but all the other characters, as well. Each character had their own plot that would unfold throughout the show, and at the end everyone’s plot would intertwine.

8. Batman the Animated Series


It would be easy to keep kids quiet at bedtime if it wasn’t for this show. The caped crime-fighter never had it easy in his crusades. Whether it was Arkham Asylum’s worst or petty street thugs, Batman and Robin would save the day at night. Yes, for a hero that only comes out at night, he sure got a lot accomplished. However, it’s quite lucky for him that the villains never tried to rob a bank during the day. He might not have been the hero Gotham City wanted, but he was the hero it needed.

7. Looney Tunes


The classic and iconic Looney Tunes series comes in at number seven. With its harebrained schemes and power of imagination, it’s more than enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. Is it rabbit season, or duck season? Who knows, just be vewy quiet and stay tuned to find out who comes in at number six on our list of cartoons.



With the modern stone age family and the family of the future being so ironically similar, it seemed only right to group the two as one. During the show, you watch Fred or George juggle their families, bosses, and everyday nonsense over and over again. Now, even though you may not see as many jets on themed cereal and vitamins as you do Flintstones, both are iconic cartoons that will rerun for years to come.

5. Dragonball

2015/01/img_0662.jpgThis choice may come as a bit of a surprise, but the Dragonball cartoons are one of the more underrated series. Eposides have plenty of action, comedy, and storyline to go with their plot that continuously buils upon itself. It is one of the longest running series around, and will be rerun for a long time. The moral of this cartoon is a good one, too. It is one of pure good and how it always triumphs over evil.

4. Simpsons


Before Family Guy and American Dad, there was only one raunchy cartoon to be seen, and it was the beloved Simpsons. It now has its own ride at Universal Studios theme park to show for its success. Laughing at Bart’s pranks or Homer’s dimwitted mannerisms has became an instinctive tug at our hearts that we will always cherish.

3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

2015/01/img_0650.jpgThis is another sleeper. Before you are shocked, think of all of the nonsense in this cartoon. For example, the farting, the boogers, and the underwear all provoke a cringe of immaturity. It’s filled with silly characters surrounded by nothing more than gross childish nonsense. The formula works because the show never tires.

2. SpongeBob SquarePants


We all know this is one show that will never be taken off of the air from Nickelodeon, not because the show isn’t successful, but because there will be rioting in the street if it is. Of course, why would Nickelodeon do such a thing when it does nothing more than bring in viewers and profit? This show will have children (and many adults) watching for generations to come.

Before we announce number one, it’s time for an honorable mention.

The first is Yu-Gi-Oh, which was mentioned over Pokemon, because it’s always second banana to Pokemon. Next is Ben 10, the show that ran well up until its third revival, which not only threw everything out the window, but also made it hard for a comeback. Finally, a show that was just a bit too underrated, Invader Zim. The little alien never stood a chance. Its simple characters with drawn-out storyline perturbed kids too much.

Now, it’s time for number one.

1. Scooby-Doo


Who didn’t want to solve a mystery with Scooby and the gang? This series will be revived at least every five years. It has an iconic connection in candy vitamins, lunch boxes, and anything to do with dogs. The show translates so well with kids that they can’t get enough. On top of all this, it’s always a plus when there’s a moral or lesson embedded into the show for the child to pick up on.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned, The Paper Wolf will be right back. In the meantime, cast a vote for your favorite cartoon.


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