Super Bowl 49 Commercials: The Review

Overall, Super Bowl 49’s commercials were a let down to the consumer, but some managed to live up to the expectations of the million-dollar 30-second time frame bring during the breaks of the big game.

Most of the good commercials were banned, as usual. However, something new happened this year leading to the advertising disappointment. Some Super Bowl ads were released early, and didn’t even air during the game. These two factors seemed to lead to more local advertisements airing during the Super Bowl than usual.

There were very few memorable commercials, but a couple worth mentioning. The iconic Budweiser puppy dog commercial deserves a round of applause. T-Mobile, even though it should have been one of the worst commercials, turned out to be one of the best. Well done Kim; you got very lucky. The Nissan commercial started off great, but like the race car driver, it crashed and burned. It ran too long. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, “Ok, I get it. I won’t let my kid be a race car driver.” The Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola commercials were good, but not special enough for the Super Bowl.

As for the banned commercials, there is only one that should have its day in court, and that’s Charlotte McKinney in the Carl’s Hardy Jr. commercial. Yes, it was the typical dicey sexy commercial, but what’s a Super Bowl without covering the young ones’ eyes? The only time a father had a chance to carry on that tradition was when the Seahawks defense picked a fight with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. However, that altercation ended with the blink of an eye. My heart goes out to father figures everywhere.

While the only thing sadder than some of these commercials is that Richard Sherman’s daughter’s birthday will always remind him of the night he lost the Super Bowl. Regardless of the disappointment, here are some of the ads mentioned:

Here are some commercials still noteworthy that did not make the Top 10:

Here are some memorable commercials from past years. Some, but not all, have aired in previous Super Bowls. All, however, are Super Bowl worthy, and make a great comparison to this year’s Super Bowl commercial selection.


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