Students Scramble to 2015’s Final Honor Roll Breakfast [SLIDESHOW]

This week, honor students were treated to Honor Roll Breakfast, the quarterly celebration of student intellect in which the students enjoy a free breakfast from The Broken Egg and and an entertaining vocabulary lesson, typically presented by school President Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC. In order to qualify for this honor, students must maintain a grade above a “B” in each of their classes.

In order to be recognized for the Principal’s Honor Roll and even more prestigious achievements, students must maintain over an “A” average in each class.  At this quarter’s breakfast, speeches addressing the students were given by a group of seniors rather than Bro. Ray; students Jack Dubriel, Burke Irwin, Alex Harp, and Connor Lu each provided reflections on work ethic and the value of leadership through personally chosen vocabulary words.

As a closing remark, Irwin stated, “Education and being a good student is important, but I ultimately want to be remembered as a good child to my parents, a good husband to my future wife, and a good father to my future children.”


  1. […] was a model student. Academically, Woodall maintained a 3.8 cumulative GPA, all while receiving Honor Roll accolades every quarter of his scholastic career. Outside the classroom, he was equally successful. Woodall […]



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