Juniors Order Senior Rings


Juniors order their senior rings, through Jostens, in LaSalle Hall in the counseling center. Pictured are Mason Hebert, Jared Simoneaux, Landon Waite, Thomas Schmidt, Tristan Smith, and Cannon Shira. (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Juniors took their first steps towards becoming seniors by ordering their senior rings last week. Students will receive the rings early next school year at the traditional ring ceremony that follows the March Through the Arch. As per tradition, this event will be held on a Thursday, with the following day marked as the “Senior Ring Holiday.”

ā€œIā€™m excited to finally be at the top of the food chain at this school,ā€ said junior Thomas Schmidt.

When ordering rings, there are certain guidelines that students have to follow. For example, all the gems have to be the September birthstone. Another example is there only certain ring styles that students can choose from, including the Tribute, the Magnum, and the LTD. Students are allowed to personalize the rings with activities and their name.

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