Juniors Step into Senior Shoes

During the final assembly, juniors move to the “senior” section of the gym and pledge to become leaders of the student body. (photo by Karen Hebert)

(COVINGTON,La.) — During the final president’s assembly of the year, held on Tuesday, May 12, the juniors made their customary move into the senior section. For 105 years, St. Paul’s has presented  senior classes to lead the school in academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities.

With the seniors finished with schooling and exams, their reign at St. Paul’s came to an end, culminating with their graduation on Saturday, May 16. The last president’s assembly, without the seniors, was initially solemn, but became somewhat rowdy when the new senior class was inducted.

“It was kind of weird seeing the juniors go into the senior section for the first time,” said rising junior Jordan Kliebert, who anticipates his own ascension to the senior section at this time next year.

On top of the Wolves on Wheels presentation and school President Bro. Ray Bulliard’s fascination with baroque composers during assemblies, there was a constant rustling in the junior section in anticipation for the main event at the end, the moment when they would make their symbolic move to new gym real estate.

The new seniors stayed after the assembly to have class president and vice president Chris Barnett and John Cresson, respectively, discuss several topics that the new seniors had been questioning. Things like senior privileges, the senior project, and plans for the new gym were introduced. The class leaders also announced that there will be a social media page exclusively for seniors to discuss upcoming events and other things prevalent to the senior class.

The faculty and staff expect big things from this upcoming senior class, and the new student council is doing their best to prepare things for next year.

“Every class has potential, but what is often overlooked is the ability to tap into that potential, and I truly believe that this class has that ability, ” Senior Class President Chris Barnett said.

There are also several things that the new student council are putting into effect right now.

“Our plans for next year include partaking in campus beautification projects, having a class shirt, and saving behind a senior gift for the school to enjoy in the years after we are gone,” Senior Class Vice President John Cresson said.

The 2014-2015 senior class was one of St. Paul’s most successful graduating classes to date. Their academic prowess won them everything from math tournaments to perfect ACT scores to millions of dollars in scholarship money. They will soon be dispersing throughout the country and beyond to further their education and begin new lives. They have left very big shoes to fill, but the rising seniors will fill them gladly.

“I think that our class has a lot of potential,” says junior Parker Layman. “However, in order for us to reach this potential, we have keep our sense of duty and not succumb to “senioritis.”

• • •

To see which colleges this year’s graduates will be attending, click here.


  1. I really liked your article! It would have been good if you had mentioned the spiritual leadership of the Seniors. This is an important aspect of school leadership that is easily passed over. Keep up the good work!
    Brother Louis



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