New Teacher Greg Pellegrini Brings Legal Experience to Classroom

New teacher
New Law Studies teacher Greg Pellegrini plans to bring authenticity to the SPS learning experience. (Photo By: Jordan Kliebert)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The 2015-2016 St. Paul’s School year brings a number of new teachers to campus. Over the next few weeks, The Paper Wolf will feature a new teacher each week as Wolf of the Week, which will help students get to know these new faculty members better. This week’s featured teacher, Greg Pellegrini, is new to the classroom, but not new to campus.

“I am a graduate and former member of the Board of Trustees,” Pellegrini said, who graduated from SPS in 1986. “When Bro. Ray and Trevor asked me if I would be willing to teach Law Studies, I was happy to assist.”

Greg Pellegrini hopped on board with the SPS faculty this year to teach Law Studies I and II. His son, Jack, is a freshman at SPS.

Pellegrini looks forward to creating an open learning environment for his students.

“I hope to engage my students with open discussion and debate and to use my legal and business background to bring real life legal examples into my classroom,” Pellegrini said.

Some facts students might not know about Pellegrini is that he has six children, and Trevor Watkins was one of his high school soccer coaches. Pellegrini attended Vanderbilt University was an undergraduate, where he majored in Economics, and finished his studies at LSU Law School. His favorite movie is “Money Ball.” Pellegrini’s favorite activity to do outside of school is play tennis.


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