SPS Students Spurn ‘Creative’ Homecoming Dance Invitations

Ballos copy
Ealon Boudreaux presents Georgia Trist with SPS school color balloons and a cookie cake invitation to the upcoming Homecoming Dance. (photo courtesy Ealon Boudreaux)

(COVINGTON La.) — In today’s high school culture, guys working up the nerve to ask a girl to the Homecoming dance simply doesn’t work anymore. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, and butterflies in the stomach; asking a girl to Homecoming is extremely stressful. However, today’s high school girls want to be asked in a unique and funny way, making it even more stressful and challenging every year for guys.

“The way I asked my date made me want to hate myself,” said junior Tyler Petro. “I had to buy a $18 teddy bear and take her out to an expensive dinner.”

Many students at SPS suffer from a lack of creativity when asking a girl to Homecoming. For instance, one student at SPS reports getting rejected by his own girlfriend because he did not ask in a creative way.

Other students ask their date with creativity, but still get rejected. For example, one student (who prefers not to be named) at SPS recently asked a girl to Homecoming with clever wordplay and a large poster-board, and still received an infamous rejection.

“It’s really stressful to ask a girl in a cute, creative, and original way,” said sophomore Ealon Boudreaux. “My date had a feeling I was going to ask her, so she gave me a warning that if I did not ask her in a cute way, she would say ‘no.’ I didn’t know if she was joking, but didn’t want to take the chance.”

On the contrary, some students at SPS believe it is a good thing to have to ask a girl in a creative way.

“It keeps Homecoming interesting and fun,” said sophomore Colin Moser.

Many guys around campus feel this practice should be boycotted, citing that it puts too much stress on the guy, while he is already stressed about possibly being rejected.

“Asking a girl to Homecoming in a creative way is idiotic and should be excluded from SPS,” said sophomore Kelsey Whittemore.


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