5 Fast Food Fixes on a Teenage Budget

As humans, the majority of us are constantly buying and consuming food, and in this generation, fast service is becoming essential. Food costs have been rising, and fast food is quickly becoming a more viable dinner option for all ages, especially teens on a budget. I consider myself a pro at finding the best deals in the fast food industry, so here are a couple of my favorite snacks to get on the go.

Source: McDonalds

Holy Chicken Parts, Batman!

Starting off the list are, the 20-piece Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s. It can be a meal for two, or you can just buy it all for yourself; whichever you prefer. It has 940 calories, and who knows what is in the meat, but who cares when they’re only $4.99! It’s cheaper to buy a 20-piece than two 10-pieces, which matters to those looking for a hearty dinner at a good price.

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Source: Rally's

Burger Rally

The Rallyburger is one of the tastiest burgers at Rally’s for $1.39. It has a beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, melted cheese, mayo, and ketchup. This burger makes your tastebuds want to start USA chants. At this price and flavor, how could you pass this deal up, even if it has 390 calories?

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tacosRing My Bell

An extraordinary deal from Taco Bell is their crunchy and soft tacos. They come with ground beef, lettuce, and shredded cheese. Crunchy tacos are about 10 cents cheaper than their soft tacos. The tacos are on the smaller side, so you may need to order more than one. At $1.19 a piece, $5 will get you 4 tacos and a happy stomach (until four hours later, that is).

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whopper-jrWe’re Gonna Need a Bigger Mouth

The Whopper Jr. from Burger King is a single patty burger that’s slightly smaller than the regular Whopper. It contains 340 calories, which isn’t the worst when talking about burgers from fast food chains. The Whopper Jr. costs only $1.29, which is probably the best value you can get for a burger from Burger King. And, it’s flame broiled, which adds a bit of extra flavor.

hot n ready

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Et Tu, Brute?

Finally, one of the most amazing deals is the Hot-N-Ready®  pizza from Little Caesar’s. It is a 14” pizza with the choice of either cheese or pepperoni. The best part is, it is only $5.00. But, how does it taste, you ask? For $5, it’s cheap enough for you to try it out and decide for yourself.

Fast food, calories and all, allows patrons to get their fill without emptying their wallet. These 5 quick options will give you a good value and a good taste in your mouth.