Latest Pre-Freshmen Welcomed to SPS

Bro. Ken Boesch, FSC leads a pack of Wolf Pups into their first President's Assembly on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (photo: Mimi Monteiro)
Bro. Ken Boesch, FSC, leads a pack of Wolf Pups into their first President’s Assembly on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (Photo by Mimi Monteiro)

COVINGTON, La — On Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016, 184 incoming pre-freshmen processed into the new gym, taking their place among the student body of St. Paul’s School. This traditional entrance, adorned with applause and a standing ovation, provided the pre-freshmen with insight on their years to come at SPS.

“It was a pretty cool feeling to be acknowledged like that,” pre-freshman Cole Hymel said. “I wasn’t really expecting anything like that.”

As the brand-new Wolves filed into their current seats in the gym, they experienced numerous emotions.

Pre-freshman Spencer Slaton poses before entering the new gym. (Photo by Lester Guttuso)

“It was a lot colder in the new gym than outside; I was just ready to cool off,” pre-freshman Spencer Slaton said. “But seriously, it felt really good to finally make it to SPS.”

Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, commenced the President’s Assembly by bestowing upon the pre-freshmen the assignment of understanding the Lasallian tradition of St. Paul’s.

Kyle Ogea, along with classmates Michael Rader (left) and Jeb Broussard (right), prepare to process into the assembly. (Photo by Lester Guttuso)

“I’m really excited for the St. Paul’s experience,” pre-freshman Kyle Ogea said. “I’ve heard a bunch of great things about St. Paul’s from my brother.”

Kyle’s older brother, Alex Ogea, is currently a senior at SPS.

The future appears very bright for the class of 2021, with several students already immersing themselves in St. Paul’s life through extracurricular involvement.

“I want to join the Fishing Club,” Spencer Slaton said. “I was thinking about playing baseball and football, too.”

“I plan to make some new friends by playing Ultimate Frisbee and joining Powerlifting,” Kyle Ogea said.

Pre-freshman Cole Hymel awaits entrance to the new gym and looks forward to his first football game as an SPS student. (Photo by Lester Guttuso)

The annual assembly was concluded with the customary singing of the “St. Paul’s Fight Song.”

“I’m really excited for football games on Friday nights,” Cole Hymel said. “I can’t wait to sing the ‘Fight Song’ when St. Paul’s scores.”

The SPS football team began their 2016-17 season on Wednesday, Aug. 17, by scrimmaging John Curtis at home. The next opportunity for the new members of the Wolf Pack to cheer on their team will come at the Jamboree, when the Wolves will face-off with the Rummel Raiders beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 26, in Hunter Stadium.


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