Renovations and Improvements Made to Campus

New street signs and directional signs were also added throughout campus over the summer. (photo: Karen Hebert)
New street signs and directional signs were also added throughout campus over the summer. (photo: Karen Hebert)

(COVINGTON, La) — In the pursuit of upholding the five core principles of Lasallian schools, St. Paul’s School is getting bigger and better every year, with improvements and renovations being made over the summer.

SPS President Brother Ray Bulliard, FSC, explains how he makes decisions regarding improvements made to the campus.

“If it’s an athletic facility, I’ll have Coach Ketelsen come in. If it’s an academic need, I’ll have Coach Dickens come in,” Bro. Ray said.

Newly installed cameras keep a watchful eye throughout campus. (photo: Blake Franklin)

The process starts in the summer with figuring out the budget.

“We will decide, we have (x) number of dollars to spend this summer. Let’s list everything we want to do, and then go back and prioritize,” Bro. Ray said.

The most prominent of the additions made are the new security cameras, memorials, and new light fixtures on campus. However, some renovations are not as easy for some students to notice.

“We replaced the whole fence on 14th Ave., behind the football field. This was about a $10,000 expense,” Bro. Ray said.

When asked what called for such an expensive renovation, Bro. Ray said, “It was literally falling down. We think the aesthetic value made it worthwhile.”

Along with a new fence were some brand new light fixtures around campus. Although expensive, these lights were put up for the comfort and safety of those on campus.

This new light post near the Briggs Assembly Center will activate at night to illuminate the sidewalks of the campus. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

“We thought that was a need,” Bro. Ray said. “People walk around at night and need to be able to see so they don’t fall and hurt themselves.”

Some improvements made to campus are done through donations, like a new memorial placed on campus in memory of alumnus Michael Swords. His bench can be found across from the pond.

“That’s the Michael Swords memorial,” Religion teacher Robert Simpson said. “His wife Ruby put up the memorial this past summer, shortly after his death.”

Other small, yet important, changes such as new floors, new trees, and new campus signage were also added during the summer — all renovations intended to help improve the daily lives of the St. Paul’s students.

Alumnus Michael Swords is memorialized with a bench and tree in his name, donated by his wife Ruby. (Photo by Blake Franklin)


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