Students React to Fishy New Pond Regulations

(COVINGTON, La) — In past years at St. Paul’s, students have enjoyed visiting the pond whether they were enjoying the view, feeding the fish, or even fishing. Recently, rules have changed regarding the use of the pond, and students are not happy.

SPS student Julien Borel has fun at the pond. (Photo by Tyler Petro)
SPS student Julien Borel has fun at the pond. (Photo by Tyler Petro)

These new rules constitute that students are no longer allowed to interact with the fish, and must be at least fifteen feet away from the pond.

“I think it’s kind of dumb that we are not allowed to go close to the pond anymore,” junior Sal Orlando said.

These rules have been made by the administration for safety reasons. Many of the staff thinks that horseplay may occur at the pond, and students may fall into the water as a result. Falling into the pond could result in injury or death.

As a consequence of these new rules, some students have even asked President Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, why these rules were set in place, and have argued to rebuke them. The students have argued that these new rules were unnecessary and too overprotective. But so far, no serious motion has been placed to eliminate these new regulations.

Students Colin Rice, Jake Arena, and Lester Gettuso take time to reflect on the beauty of the pond. (Photo by Tyler Petro)

“We like you all to enjoy the pond,” Bro. Ray said, “and I hope we can find a way to make everybody happy… but I would feel horrible if someone fell into the pond, so I need to think this through very carefully.”

For decades, the pond has provided entertainment and comfort to any students willing to visit it. Many just liked going to it and socializing with friends near the water. The animal life, such as perch, bass, turtles, and ducks, provided some students with activities like feeding the animals or fishing.

“I just want to feed the fish,” pre-freshman Jacob Frazier said.

Although these rules have been enacted, many students still risk getting in trouble in order to go to the pond. Albeit, they are still under the stress of a teacher catching them.

The pond has long been one of the more distinct landmarks on campus for students to experience and enjoy. Now, new incoming pre-freshman will not be able to have the same experience as so many other students did before them. Whether or not the new policies will remain permanent is yet to be decided by the administration, although they are trying to find a way to make everybody happy, students and staff alike.

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Freshman Dominick O'Brien catches a catfish from pond. (Photo by Tyler Petro)
Freshman Dominick O’Brien catches a catfish from pond. (Photo by Tyler Petro)


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