Campus Visitors Waddle and Skedaddle

(COVINGTON, La.) — Due to the wooden nature and vegetation on the St. Paul’s campus, many students, faculty and staff members have seen a variety of animals appear and disappear throughout the years, from ducks in the pond to raccoons living in the trees.

A family of raccoons scurry down a large pine tree during lunch on one of the first days of the 2016-17 school year. (Photo by Brady Meibaum)

“I haven’t seen the raccoon lately,” SPS Presiden Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, said, “but we have seen ducks, a stray dog or two, and we’ve also seen some feral cats at night and some deer in front of Lasalle Hall.”

Different kinds of animals appear frequently and are recognized by people on campus.

“Of course, you get the usual sightings like such as the crows, the ducks, the insects, and the occasional dogs that walk around on campus.” Bro. Ray said.

Sometimes, the animal visitors on campus range to all kinds of wildlife, not just limited to felines and canines.

“We had a snake in the chapel once,”  Bro. Ray said. “We have had a few deer walking near Lasalle Hall, (and) at night I have spotted a few feral cats near the Wolf Dome.”

Throughout the history of St. Paul’s and it’s changes to campus, the wildlife around campus has increased and decreased based on the amount of construction going on.

A new family of ducks peruse Lake Alfred while exploring their new home. (Photo by Tyler Petro)
A new family of ducks peruse Lake Alfred while exploring their new home. (Photo by Tyler Petro)

“Years ago, when we were making the new soccer field, we had to tear down quite an amount of trees,” Bro. Ray said, “and I knew that we disturbed the wildlife around here. And thanks to the environmental science class… a wetland and a butterfly garden (were built last year) near the new gym.”

St. Paul’s has been a hotspot for neighbors and their dogs, who have caused no nuisance whatsoever on campus, said Bro. Ray. Another member of the neighborhood that frequents the school is less orthodox, however.

“I saw a chicken by the weight room,” junior Zack Taylor said.

From ducks to raccoons and deer, St. Paul’s campus continues to be the go-to place for local animals and wildlife.


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