Lunchtime Options Provide Students With Variety

(COVINGTON, La.) — St. Paul’s School has multiple options for students at lunch time, situated around various campus locations to provide different meal selections and efficiently serve the growing number of students.

“I prefer the grab-and-go usually just because it’s faster,” sophomore Christopher Flood said, “but if I get out of class at 11:12 or later, there is zero possibility of getting food out of the grab-and-go.”

The grab-and-go line moves along so fast, students don’t even care to take off their bags. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

Students can choose from the two grab-and-go stations for a quick and simple lunch that stays relatively similar, or students may get lunch from the cafeteria, which offers varying hot meals and sides.

“I prefer the cafeteria because the food is better. I also cherish the time I spend in line with my friends,” junior Timothy Levet said.

Some meals have certain days of the week on which they are served, but students can always find the full monthly menu at the school website.

“I find the Taco Tuesday (menu) to be a spectacular meal,” Levet said.

 Brother Ken Boesch, FSC, gives a hand to the lunch ladies in serving food to students. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

“My favorite food from the grab-and-go is the spicy chicken,” freshman Sam Glynn said.

Additionally, students can always turn to Sarge’s snack shop if they haven’t yet had their fill.

A St. Paul’s student exchanges two dollars with Sarge for a snack. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

One of the most impressive things about the lunch period is that students are free to eat anywhere they please, outside in the wide-open campus.

“I like eating by the pond,” freshman John Baglow said. “It’s really peaceful.”

Although the monthly lunch menu can be found by going to the school website, not many students check what is being served in the future.

“I just show up, and I get what there is to get,” Levet said.

The monthly lunch menu can be found here.


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