Catch up on Guerilla Wolves Season 10 with Episodes 4, 5, and 6

Episode 4:   (air date: 9/23/16)

This episode explores a range of topics at St. Paul’s and in the world around us. Learn about advances in artificial intelligence. How can you earn college credit with your ACT score? Meet the man behind the SPS wi-fi. Get the GW take on the NFL. And don’t miss Carson Caulfield’s review of the Emmy Awards.

•   •   •

Episode 5:  (air date 10/7/16)

In this episode, watch reviews of “The Magnificent Seven” movie remake and the FLIR C2 infrared camera. This episode also includes a feature on Friday Night Lights in Hunter Stadium. Oh, and there’s a music video starring Campus Minister Jeff Ramone somewhere in the middle.

•   •   •

Episode 6: (air date 10/21/16)

This week’s episode on Guerilla Wolves News takes a journey to the newly discovered planet KIP 8462852. Afterward, witness a student debate on whether there are or were other living life forms in the universe. Next, watch a feature on the Aqua Wolves, which includes an interview with Senior Swim Coach Kyle Hladky. Next, find out if “Deep Water Horizon” is really worth your time and money with a movie review from Carson Caulfield. Lastly, enjoy a dramatic reading of a student email with teacher Brad Guillory, as well as updates from last Friday’s varsity football game against Ponchatoula, including interviews with players and coaches.

One comment

  1. These episodes are informative and fun to watch. I love the graphics emphasizing certain points made. I also like the sports highlights. Carson is really fun to watch . I believe he is a natural in front of the camera and his reviews leave you thinking about which night to go see the movie he reviewed if he liked it!



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