Cooper’s Club to Allow Students to Give Riflery a Shot

Garrett Cooper takes a shot at victory at the Grand Island, Nebraska competition. (Photo source: submitted by Chris Cooper.)
SPS sophomore Garrett Cooper takes a shot at victory and scopes out the competition at the 4-H hosted Grand Island, Neb., competition. (Photo source:– submitted by Chris Cooper)

(COVINGTON, La.) — National Air Riflery category champion Garrett Cooper has many credentials which back his ability to start and participate in the newly established St. Paul’s 4-H Shooting Sports chapter.

I had the idea of starting the club because I feel that shooting is such a big part of my life,” Cooper said, “so I thought it could also become a big part of someone else’s. Even if the club makes one person realize they love shooting, that makes me feel accomplished in many ways.”

4-H Shooting Sports is a national program which instructs American youth in both firearm safety and use through adult-supervised activity.

“One of 4-H’s main concerns is safety,” Cooper said. “It is a big part of their rules. The ranges are under many security precautions which ensure the safety of every single person competing and practicing.”

4-h4-H holds seasonal competitions open to any 4-H member.

“Competitions will be conducted by 4-H, and the competitions will take place in the spring,” Cooper said. “They have district, regional, state, and national competitions. Everyone can go to district and regionals, but the top 15 from regionals will go to state, and the top 4 in each division in state will go to nationals.” 

According to Cooper, however, “SPS will not be conducting competitions, from what I understand.”

For those who are trigger-happy, do not jump the gun, as 4-H first requires registry and sign-up.

“In order to join the club,” Cooper said,“you have to go to the St. Tammany 4-H website and sign-up for the division you would like to pursue.”

As of now, it is unknown as to where practices or meetings will be conducted. These updates will be posted on The Paper Wolf’s Twitter and website once the information is made known.

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