Catch up Guerilla Wolves: Episodes 12, 13, and 14

Episode 12

In episode 12, let senior Nico Arcuri take you through the story of a not-so-run-of-the-mill house fire, followed by junior Robby Ferrante giving you the update on two new New Orleans-based charities. After a classic Guerilla Wolves transition, a recap of the St. Paul’s vs. Hammond soccer game fills the screen. In stark contrast, junior and aspiring philosopher Andy Smith will then take you on a trip through the realms of the universe with his “Is time Constant?” segment. Following the return of the infamous school-wide teacher surveys, Mr. Dart, Coach Santos, Mr. Guillory, and Coach Dale read the funniest and most constructive comments that students left them. The next segment recaps the St. Paul’s vs. Ponchatoula basketball game to the tune of Kurtis Blow’s 1984 hit “Basketball.”  Finally, to conclude the episode, the new segment “Guess that Song” will leave the viewer, as well as the interviewee, guessing.

Episode 13

Starting off episode 13, senior Nico Arcuri shares some film, science, business, and weather news, finishing his opening segment with a touching report on firefighters. Cutting to a game review of “Titanfall 2” by Ian Fried, and a movie news review of “Split” by Matthew Viola. The episode then takes you to an eccentric first-hand recap of Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, and a special celebrity cameo, with Joel Fernandez, John Meyers, and Brandon Gallego. To Close, SPS Basketball gets its moment in the spotlight with replays and interviews from the SPS vs. Mandeville game.

Episode 14

Episode 14 begins with highlights and wrap-ups of the SPS vs. Northshore basketball game, along with a Geurilla Wolves transition featuring a “very controversial” executive order from the Trump Administration. A game review by Ian Fried then shows gameplay of “Dark Souls III.” Another vaporwave-inspired transition brings you to SPS Soccer’s Senior Night recap vs. Fontainebleau. Sports news with Frosty and Joel Fernandez brings you the latest from a Sports Center-inspired news set. The broadcast ends with comical relief from a Super Bowl prediction by a dog in SPS athletic apparel.


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