‘Keys’ to Success: Origins of the Lasalle Hall Piano

(COVINGTON, La.) — Many speculations have been voiced over the mysterious new pianos that were placed in Lasalle Hall over a month ago. Their origins and meanings were yet to be discovered, although they have been used for entertainment by many of the SPS students passing by. Although many of the students just like making sounds by banging the keys as if they know how to play, the more experienced piano players get the opportunity to show off their musical talent to their fellow classmates.

More seasoned players, such as Jesse Cheng, have been asked by President Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC, to play for the school at lunch. Many students came to listen to the hard-learned classical music he can play. Bro. Ray is also currently asking other experienced players to play for the school if they are brave enough.

“The first piano was donated by a neighbor,” Principal Trevor Watkins said. “We have students that are very good pianists, and I wanted to give them a place to practice and play, and maybe have a concert and show off their skills.”

The origins of the piano are unknown to many SPS students. The first piano was originally placed in the Lasalle Hall, but due to its condition and age, it deteriorated quickly. Many of the keys started falling off and stopped working. The most recent piano, which was previously in the band room and donated by the parents of senior Nick Ashton, was then placed there as a replacement. It is of much higher quality, but now has a lock on it to prevent anyone from playing on it and wearing it down. It is unlocked upon request.

“The original piano turned out to be in very poor condition and would’ve taken a lot, not just to repair, but to maintain because of its age,” Watkins said. “So we decided to remove it and replace it with the newer one in the band hall.”

The newer piano is currently available for everyone to play and enjoy, upon request, and experienced players are encouraged to partake in small concerts in Lasalle Hall if they wish to show off their talent.


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