VIDEO: Reflections of Justin Addison

On Jan. 22, 2013, SPS junior Justin Dakota Addison was struck and killed by an SUV at the intersection of the Tammany Trace and Josephine Street in Abita while cycling. Justin was a competitive cyclist, talented photographer and an artist. The following video was made in memory of Justin with the intention of giving people a special way to remember him.

Although I did not personally know Justin, my brother was in his class. But that’s not why I made the video. Back in 2014, shortly after Justin’s death, I was also hit by an SUV while cycling at the intersection of Monroe Street and Lafayette Street in Mandeville. I was not wearing a helmet, and my head hit the windshield of the car. I suffered a shattered spleen and 11 fractures and breaks, three of which were ribs, which hurt a lot. While I was in the hospital, I would think about Justin, who was a role model in my eyes. With one year apart from both of our accidents, I survived and he didn’t, and to this day I still ask myself, “Why?” 

During the summer while my brother and I were surfing, he told me how Justin’s life impacted his life both in school and outside of school. In the video, I am seen riding my bike around the St. Paul’s track and on the Trace wearing Justin’s Holy Rollers jersey. When I reach the rest stop dedicated to Justin, I think about the reason I was spared and my purpose in life.

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