Rocking Out at Wolf Jam 2017

(COVINGTON, La.) —  St. Paul’s very own music concert, Wolf Jam, went down on Friday, April 28th. The show was an energetic time full of dancing and an exciting array of musical performances.

The Wolf Jam consisted of performances from rock bands to DJ raves. The full line-up of the concert included the southern ska band, The Mouthbreathers; the DJ crew, Low-Tech; the rap group, Marcuz; another rap group, Yung Flappy; solo singer, Bradley Del Rio; the brass band, Baby and the Brinkmans; and others.

A number of times, the music from the bands caused much of the crowd to dance and jump up and down in front of the stage. Even some of the adults joined in the mob of dancing. Many of the performers wore colorful and exotic costumes to assist in their appearance. The members of Low-Tech wore neon masks.

Many of the performers were experienced musicians and several of the bands consisted of students in the SPS band. This made for a well-rehearsed concert with many interesting songs to listen to. The setting of the event was in the Lasalle Hall courtyard, which allowed for plenty of space for people wanting to dance. Towards the end of the night, one of the rap performers, Mofo Marcuz, even jumped into the Lasalle fountain.

At the end of the concert, the winner was the band that collected the most money in their tip jar, all of which benefited Christo Rey school, San Miguel High School in Tucson. The winner of the 2017 Wolf Jam was the Mouthbreathers  with their southern ska type music, which is a mix of rock instruments and horn instruments. They played modern music with an instrument lineup of drums, guitar, saxophone and trombone.

Another well known SPS rapper, Yung Flappy, also showed up. He performed several of the songs he wrote about SPS such as its football team. He also had a hype man with him to back him up.

The Wolf Jam volunteers also sold pizza, water and freshly made lemonade. The event was hosted by SPS seniors, Nik Scott and Bam Barreiro. It was also coordinated and set up by August Latapie and Nick Ashton.


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