Student Council Announces Student Section Themes, Introduces New ‘Student Choice’ Poll

Seven seniors “Cheer St. Paul’s to Victory” during the football team’s triumph over Mandeville in 2016. (Photo: Scott Threlkeld, The Advocate)

(COVINGTON, La.) Members of the St. Paul’s School Student Council came together in Mrs. Case’s classroom for their annual summer meeting on Saturday, August 5. At the conclusion of the four-hour meeting, the elected officials of the SPSSC left with many new and concrete ideas for the 2017-2018 school year, including this year’s football student section theme list.

This year’s list of themes features the classics, including a “Gold-Out” game against Jesuit High School and a “Preppy” game against rival Covington High School, but some new themes have been added to the list as well.

“Our main goal with these student section themes is find a way to galvanize the whole student body and to bring everyone together,” SPSSC Treasurer Luc Hebert said. “If we can get a theme that gets the student body excited, then everyone will come together in uniformity to hopefully promote a better cheering environment.”

The third regular season game on Sept. 15 against Christian Brothers High School (Memphis, Tennessee) will feature a new and creative theme, dubbed as “Lumberneck.” This theme came about from a desire for both a redneck-themed and lumberjack-themed game, and, considering their similarities, were combined into one.

The official 2017 SPS Football student section theme list (Graphic: Carson Caulfield)

This year’s theme selection process also includes a new student participation aspect via Twitter polling. For weeks one, four, and eight, the SPSSC official Twitter (@wolfnationsps) will post polls with four approved themes for the student body to vote on.

“Several of us on the executive board ran with a core goal of getting the student body more involved,” Hebert said. “Students have been upset with the Student Council because they think they aren’t getting proper representation, and that they aren’t getting the themes they want. If the students don’t like the theme, then they won’t get as excited about the game.”

Though they are subject to change, there are currently three pep rallies scheduled for the 2017 season: Jesuit, Northshore and Covington. At least one playoff game pep rally is expected to take place.

The SPSSC does not have any themes planned for the two scrimmages scheduled prior to the first regular season home game against Edna Karr on Sep. 1. The SPSSC plans on re-announcing themes on the Wolf Nation Twitter feed on the Monday before each home football game.


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