Administration Eases Mandates on Final Exams in AP Classes

Exams taken by AP Students in each course offered nationwide (Graphic:

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s administration has come to a definitive conclusion regarding the final exam policy for senior students in AP classes.  For weeks, it has been under consideration by St. Paul’s administration for seniors to have to take both a final exam along with the nationwide AP exam in May. It was proposed that even seniors with all “A” averages each quarter (who are usually exempt from final exams) would be subjected to an end of the year AP exam.

Nevertheless, the administration has come to a new resolution of the issue of lack of preparedness for AP exams that will not require a mandatory final exam.

“Senior AP teachers in April will administer an examination (weighted as a normal test) that aligns with the AP test to bolster preparation and to encourage gravity for AP testing in May,” Academic Assistant Principal Joe Dickens said in an email to teachers. “However, a student who has worked diligently and maintained an A average for each quarter including the 4th may be exempt from normal exams at the teacher’s discretion. AP testing for seniors, though, remains mandatory.”

The decision has come after weeks of AP students voicing their concerns over the matter.

“Again, we wanted to do the right thing for our students and not be punitive toward high achievers,” Dickens said.

The only reason the new policy changes were even considered was simply to better prepare students for the rigorous AP exam in May, which can provide students with college credit hours.

“AP prep is a common thread in all curricula,” Dickens said.

The new resolution has been welcomed by AP students around St. Paul’s, especially seniors who have to worry about college applications. The resolution also advises AP teachers that do plan to give a final exam to make that exam similarly formatted to a college board issued AP exam.

“This new plan greatly alleviates pressure and allows me to put more effort directly into my AP studying and other final exams,” senior AP student William James said. “Applying to over ten colleges has put enough on my plate as it is.”

The message was spread via email to the AP teachers, who have now adjusted their syllabuses accordingly.


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