Halloween Attractions Haunt New Orleans

(NEW ORLEANS, La.) This October, several haunted attraction are helping South Louisiana get into the Halloween spirit.

Haunted Houses

The most popular local haunted houses include The Mortuary and House of Shock.

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion is located in New Orleans on Canal Street. Its name is more than just a gimmick; this attraction is located in a historic mansion which functioned as an actual mortuary, the PJ McMahon Funeral Home. The house was originally built by Mary Slattery, an Irish immigrant, in 1872. In 1928, the PJ McMahon and Sons Undertaking company bought the house, taking advantage of its proximity to the Canal Street Cemetery and transforming it into a funeral home. The Mortuary Haunted House lore claims that the mansion was haunted when Mortician Master Ravencroft attempted to bring life to the undead. Today, the haunted house features animatronics and theatrical sets in the fall, and escape rooms the rest of the year. At 4800 Canal Street, the Mortuary is open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and their calendar can be viewed here. Ticket prices are $30 for general admission and $40 for express admission, with group rates available.

The Morturary Haunted Mansion offers escape rooms during the off-season. (photo source: themortuary.net)

The House of Shock is a Metairie-area attraction, located at 319 Butterworth Street in Jefferson. In 2014, it was rated number one haunted house in the country by Haunted Attraction Magazine. It has been featured by Rolling Stone, Travel Channel, and other national media. The attraction features a 25,000 square foot campus and 350 volunteers. This year, the 25-year-old haunted house is adding a new attraction: The House of Wax. It will be based on Louisiana legends, such as voodoo priestess Madam Laurie and mad scientist Morgus the Magnificent. The House of Shock is known for drawing upon demonic themes, and its website gives the warning that it may not be appropriate for children under 12. The attraction will be open from Oct. 26 until Halloween, and operates between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.. General admission is $30, with VIP admission for $55. Their calendar can be viewed here.

An audience at The House of Shock watches a horror show last October. (Photo source: houseofshock.com)

Haunted Tours

A Ghost Tour guide leads a group through the French Quarter. (photo source: French Quarter Phantom Ghost Tours)

In addition to haunted houses, educational Halloween fun is available from French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours. Rather than a haunted house, this tour service guides visitors through the historic streets of the French Quarter and enlightens them with spooky trivia, legends of vampires and ghosts, and real historical information. The Ghosts + Vampires tour occurs at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. every night. A tour of the St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery is also available on Monday through Saturday at 11 p.m. and 1 p.m., and Sunday at 10 a.m.. They also offer a variety of other haunted tours at various locations throughout the city.  Tours typically last two hours. For more information on tours, tickets, and times, visit their website.


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