Outro: My Final Music Picks of the Year

As the school year (and my senior year) come to a close, I will have limited chances to recommend music to the reading audience of The Paper Wolf. In the past nine months or so, I have listened to around 65,000 minutes worth of music, about 45 days of tunes. I have listened to around 40 new albums (from start to finish), and countless singles and individual albums. During the past year I have come across at least 100 new artists that I have listened to more than once, or more than one of their songs. To close out my album, song, and artist review portfolio for The Paper Wolf, here are the top songs, albums, and artists (once again, in my opinion) of the 2017-2018 school year.



feel it still
Portugal. The Man’s “Flatbush Vombies Feel it Still Remix” Photo via Pitchfork

Feel It Still – Flatbush Zombies Remix” (Portugal. The Man, Flatbush Zombies)


Dark Red” (Steve Lacy)

Velours” (Anomalie)

Album cover for J’Von’s “yellow suit”. Art by J’Von

Introverts” (J’Von)

Darling” (Real Estate)

Mona Lisa” (Monte Booker)

Lately I” (Yellow Days, Rejjie Snow)

Pineapple Skies” (Miguel)

Métropole” (Anomalie)



Album Art for Sampha’s “Process.” Photo via Pitchfork

Little World (Zack Villere)

What Now (Sylvan Esso)

Wuh Oh (Wuh Oh)

Process (Sampha)

Métropole (Anomalie)



Steve Lacy

Zack Villere

steve lacyy
“Steve Lacy’s Demo” album cover. Photo via Pitchfork

Daniel Caesar


My Top Artist of the Year:


A Canadian keyboardist on the rise, Anomalie won me over with his album Métropole. His exciting style of play mixed with funky, jazz-infused EDM is something that can catch the attention of fans of a plethora of genres. For the past two months, one of the only albums I have listened to is Métropole. Below is a video of Anomalie performing his hit song “Velours.”

Video: Nexus Institute of Creative Arts



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