Food Review: Waffle House Breakfast

The iconic Waffle House sign glows above the establishment. (

(COVINGTON, La.) — SPS students know that Waffle House is the perfect place to get a delicious, filling meal at a reasonable price. The classic diners that dot the Northshore offer breakfast menu items such as eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, toast, and last but certainly not least, the classic waffle.

SPS junior Jack Ballard described the hash brown bowl with bacon, eggs and cheese as, “very hot and cheesy, the eggs are slightly under-cooked but it goes well with the meal, the bacon is O.K. but a little too crispy, overall, the hash browns are crispy on one side and softer on the other, perfectly balanced.”

After tasting the sausage, SPS junior Mason Byrne said that it was, “rich with not too much grease on one side, and crispy on the other.” He also remarked that they went weirdly well with syrup.

The Waffle House breakfast menu offers classic meals. (

I would describe the classic waffle as perfectly cooked: it was crispy, but not burnt, while still being fluffy enough to soak up the syrup very well.

Waffle House offers many options for their hash browns; SPS junior Blake Bollinger tried a variation that included ham, tomatoes, onions, and cheese, and said that “all the ingredients go well together, I get this dish almost every time I’m here.”

The food certainly is not all that they have to offer either. What really makes Waffle House special is the staff. Every Waffle House worker adds a special ingredient to the Waffle House experience. My most recent visit to Waffle House included unparalleled honesty from one of their unnamed previous workers. He expressed discontentment towards the management, making Waffle House seem even more like a house because of the dysfunctional family inside. While some people (even WH employees) may not be a fan of Waffle House, there is no denying that it captures a unique, homey feel in its retro-styled restaurant booths. 

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  1. I love Waffle House too! Except I’m in Nashville, so there’s a non-zero chance that I get shot whenever I go!
    Wonderful article, I loved the anecdote at the end!



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