Marching Wolves Entertain Walmart-Goers with the Walmart Parade

Marching wolves line up before the march begins (Photo Credit- Spence Gremillion)

On Thursday, February 22, the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves paraded through the aisles of Walmart playing their music. The Marching Wolves go to the Covington Walmart every year to give people who don’t normally get a chance to go see parades, like children and those with mental disabilities, the experience of watching the Award Winning St. Paul’s Marching Wolves play.


The band performs while marching up and down the aisles of the store. They went around the whole store at least four times. Multiple groups from local schools came to watch the Wolves play.  The music coming from the band echoed throughout the premises, and no matter where you were standing in the store you could hear them playing.

(Left to Right) Josh McClain, Brett Straton, and Matthew Barber mid-parade (Photo Credit- Spence Gremillion)

Every aisle was packed with all kinds of people trying to catch a glimpse of the Wolves marching by. This show is special to the band in multiple ways. They all know that this is something important they do for people who don’t usually get a chance to see them play.  One bystander at Walmart that watched said, “I thought it was great, and it’s an amazing thing that St. Paul’s does to give back to the community.”


One comment

  1. Very proud of the Marching Wolves and their attention to people who might be forgotten. I was fortunate to work with the first years of the band in the first years from 1969-1974.



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