Voodoo 2K19 Electrifies Concert-Goers

Bassnectar capturing the crowd with their unique show style and extra effects.
(Photo Credit- Jordan Hefler) 

(NEW ORLEANS) — Voodoo Fest 2019 was a memorable experience that provided enthusiastically costumed concert-goers with a medley of music and food.

With headliners like Post Malone, Bassnectar, Beck, and Guns N’ Roses, New Orleans was treated to an eventful weekend. Voodoo Fest has been a popular event in New Orleans for 21 years. Taking place in City Park, the music festival draws fans from all over the country. Although the muggy New Orleans weather was not ideal, thousands still flocked to dance and play in the mud.

The rain came in spades on Friday, but Voodoo patrons did not let that ruin their fun. The show went on with only a few minor delays to the performers’ sets. The food stands featured a variety of amazing culinary choices, from one-pound cinnamon rolls to a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich filled with mac-n-cheese.

St. Paul’s senior Walker Hebert said “Voodoo with my friends put a constant smile on my face. While there were many performers, my favorite by far was Bassnectar.”

There were a plethora of spooky activities that occupied concert-goers who were waiting for their favorite artists. From carnival rides to haunted houses, the festival made sure to provide constant entertainment. Those with VIP or Platinum wristbands could access free massages, luxury bathrooms, free lockers, and a lounge area. St. Paul’s senior Miles Lindsey said “There was no better way I would have wanted to spend my weekend. It was my favorite voodoo I have been to. My favorite performer definitely had to be Bassnectar.”

Post Malone performing a hit song Sunday night.
( Photo Credit- Christian Pagliarulo)

Although the skies were clear on Saturday and Sunday, City Park remained a boggy mess. The grounds were covered with stretches of sticky mud for the entirety of the festival. For the final performance of the weekend, Post Malone drew nearly every festival-goer to the Altar stage. His performance electrified the crowd, and provided the perfect ending to an exciting weekend that will provide memories for years to come.



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