Student Council: Charting an Uncertain Path

(COVINGTON, La.) — While students are finally back in class, it is still unknown whether this year will include social events.  Student Council President Davis Lagarde said that while he wants the school year to feel as normal as possible, he is not sure whether there will be pep rallies and dances.

Student Council President Davis Lagarde shares his plans for the new year at the opening of school faculty inservice. (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)

“Two things the student body can do to help us all have a great school year is to be understanding of the changes that have been made and to maintain a positive mindset,” said Lagarde. “It’s easy to complain about the new rules we have to follow, but if we take all of these changes in stride and accept them as just a temporary inconvenience, I think we’ll be able to have a great year,” he said.

Student Council Moderator Joanna Case said that student council will begin planning events as soon as she receives word that it is safe to have them. “This year is going to challenge us to be more creative in our planning,” said Case. “However, we do know for sure that we will have the luminary display,” she said.

Student Council Executive Board Walker Dubreuil, Alvin Marks, Davis Lagarde, and Marco Vargas are ready to take on the challenges of the new year. (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)


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