Swimming Wolves Cap off Season with Impressive Finish at State Meet

The Saint Paul’s Swim Team capped off their season last week with an impressive performance at the state championship meet. The Wolves had multiple swimmers in each grade level that competed in the meet, and they all placed well. They placed third overall for the 3rd year in a row at the state meet after winning district for 6th the year in a row.

Seniors Evan Abraham and Cameron Smith led the charge as Cameron had two fourth place finishes in the 100m and 200m freestyle events as well as a third place finish from Evan in the 100m breaststroke. However, they performed best in the team events as Cameron Smith, Jack Rodgers, Hyland Authement, and Jack Macnamara broke the school record for the team 200m freestyle relay, along with another school record finish in the 400m freestyle relay which included Cameron Smith, Jack Rodgers, Roman Fouchi, and Jack Macnamara.

The Wolves worked their tails off all season with 2 to 3 morning practices a week starting at 5:15am, but they had a total of 8 practices a week as they have not stopped swimming all year. Roman Fouchi said, “I didn’t enjoy morning practice but it definitely payed off in the long run. We were projected to take fourth place but we performed well and took the third spot.” Then, we asked senior swimmer Cameron Smith what it meant to place well in the state meet, and he said this, “It meant a lot to place third, but we were more proud of the school records we broke. We worked hard this year and we were happy with what we accomplished.” We asked junior Jack Macnamara the same question and he said this, “Unlike other sports where each team has an equal amount of players, in swimming opposing teams can have 20 swimmers while we only had 7. So, coming in at third was huge for us; it helps us look forward to next year.”


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