Sophomore Service Day

One week ago, on Tuesday, November 30, the sophomores had an event called sophomore service day, where they went to various places to do different types of activities. Some cleaned cemeteries, and others picked horse manure. Many others even helped to feed the elderly. It was a fantastic day where everyone did something.
The first place to talk about is the cemeteries, where everyone there picked up debris and picked off moss from the graves and other statues on the property. Sophomore, Spencer Naquin, was asked what he learned from his service day, and he said, “What did I learn was to respect the dead, hard work is fun, and don’t break a stick the wrong way. We also bagged 42 bags of leaves and sticks.”
Another part of service day was going to New Orleans to help build houses for people after Ida. Sophomore, Slate Dominique learned a lot of life lessons at sophomore service day. He elucidated this further in an interview, “I went to help build houses in New Orleans. Driving through New Orleans and seeing the state of some of the houses made me appreciate what I have and how fortunate I am. It taught me the value of helping others, especially with the task of building a house, and how much it means to others when you help them, and what a positive impact you can have on someone.”
The third part of the students’ service was going to the city park to pick up debris and trash from the park, including the basketball court. AJ Bourg, a sophomore, was asked what he learned from his service day, and he answered with, “I went to the city park, and I learned that a hard day’s work will always be worth something no matter what it is.”
The second to last segment of service day was New Heights, a horse farm, where sophomores Matthew Burmaster and Ethan Flanagan worked. Burmaster explained what he learned at sophomore service day, “I learned that doing any little thing can help someone in a way. We painted these fence boards, and then we cleaned some barrels, and we also cleaned horse poop.” Ethan Flanagan added on with, “I learned what it is actually like working on a horse farm and what everyday work was like for them.”
The last bit of service day was to help in New Orleans by getting food for the elderly by packing the food in the boxes. Sophomore, Harrison Becnell, was asked what he learned from his service day, and he returned with, “For the service day, I went to the Catholic Charities for the elderly, and I learned on that experience that not all people are as privileged as the people in Saint Paul’s and the people need help, and Saint Paul’s is there to help them, and I was gladly going to help them.”
The sophomore service day was successful, and it is fantastic to see how people reacted to many of the things that people do every day, such as picking up trash and shoveling horse manure. What matters, though, is the work we do for others.

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