Saint Paul’s Alumnus Breaks the Internet with his New Song “Not Into You”

Saint Paul’s alumnus Brooks McMahon broke the internet with his new hit song “Not Into You.” The song blew up in the summer of 2021. Originally, McMahon released just a portion of the song on the social media platform TikTok without having a whole song ready to go. After many people left him comments on producing an entire song, he got on it. “Not Into You” is now on all major music platforms and is placed in many Top 100 songs of 2021 playlists by Spotify and many others. The song currently has 44,468,436 listens on just Spotify alone.
McMahon graduated from Saint Paul’s in May of 2016. After graduating from Saint Paul’s, he attended SCAD to further his creative interests. When asked if any of Saint Paul’s courses encouraged him to pursue music, his response was, “Unfortunately not. I would love to see a day when Saint Paul’s implements some more creative, optional courses such as music production. There are so many young people today that spend all their free time learning how to build a song in Ableton, and I would argue there are significant cognitive benefits of this practice (i.e., creativity, problem-solving, self-expression, etc.).”
McMahon is now working full-time in California on his music and hoping to release more music soon. He also enjoys filmmaking and hopes to use those skills to make music videos. “I love film and filmmaking, so music videos are going to be a very important element of my expression as an artist in the years to come. I hope to engage with an audience that loves music, and I want to inspire younger creatives to break out of their shell of monotony and, at the very least, try to make something great out of themselves.”
Saint Paul’s is proud to have guys like McMahon as alumni, and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Brooksie | Spotify - Listen Free

McMahon’s cover for his single “Not Into You”



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