Pizza Man: Food Review

Legendary, local pizza joint Pizza Man is known for its excellent family environment and home-style pizzas made with true love. The pizza consists of a thin crust cooked in a high heat oven giving the pie that authentic charcoaled crust we all know and love. Sam Gold and I ventured over to North Covington to give this iconic restaurant an honest review.

I ordered a medium pizza topped with capicola, pepperoni, andouille, and a feta mozzarella cheese combo. The plethora of meats that top the pie are as fresh as the in-house homemade crust, which is unheard of in this day and age of frozen and pre-manufactured food. Mr.Gold ordered his usual pizza, a medium whole wheat crust pie topped with none other than classic pepperoni. Walking inside the establishment, you almost instantly get a homely feeling, whether it is the pizza boxes covered in kid’s drawings lining the restaurant or the amicable staff who greets you as if it is your thousandth time eating there.
Pizza Man is your one-stop-shop for all your pizza needs with fair prices and a family-friendly environment. Whether feeding the family or dinner by yourself, Pizza Man has a crust size for everyone’s preference. They also offer a glass window to directly view the kitchen, which is excellent for the kids. With over forty years of pizza expertise under their belt, Pizza Man should be your first choice when it comes to picking up a pie.



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