How History Influences This Year’s Marching Wolves

The band is back. Following a return to the traditional Mardi Gras festivities last year, the Saint Paul’s Marching Wolves are finally ready to return to normal.

When asking Band Director Mr. Andrew Moran about the previous year, he only had one thing to say: “Exciting.” It’s a word that you could use to describe this very band. Nobody else’s band performs like Saint Paul’s!

The Marching Wolves have a storied history.

Mr. Roy Mouton was hired to become the school’s first band director in 1969. He graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge and brought the Southern show band style with him that we know today.

While the new band hall is state-of-the-art inside and out, the group’s history is plastered all over the inner walls.

Inside are many historical pictures of the group. You can see the evolution of the size and uniforms of the Marching Wolves right in front of you. History and heritage are a big part of Saint Paul’s, and this translates into the band.

When it comes to last year, there are a lot of things that look different. From the previously mentioned new band hall to the return to Mardi Gras following a worldwide pandemic, change among the traditions is commonplace for the Marching Wolves.

One change that this group saw coming was the loss of last year’s senior class, but Mr. Moran doesn’t look at it as a loss. “If we did our jobs right, then we shouldn’t have lost anything, but we should’ve gained something,” stated Mr. Moran. “They’re leaving a legacy.” What legacy, you may ask? A gift of teaching the rest of the band how things operate. With no Mardi Gras due to the global pandemic, last year’s senior class needed to step up and help Mr. Moran teach this group, and they did. 

Looking at today, the Marching Wolves are ready to get back into the swing of things. Senior Drum Major Zachary Bono and Junior Drum Major Shawn Cooney look to help Mr. Moran lead the man band. 

When asked about his favorite part about having the opportunity to work and direct the Marching Wolves, Mr. Moran said, “Walking into this beautiful building and making music. It doesn’t get much better than that.”


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