Saint Paul’s Senior Week Recap

By: Trip Walter, Class of 2023

Senior Barbeque

A well celebrated tradition known to Saint Paul’s as “The Senior Barbecue” took place Tuesday, August 16th. Seniors showed up after school to enjoy a catered barbecue hosted by Sweet Daddy’s Barbecue. Served by The Senior Moms, students received their food and enjoyed it with one another.

Seniors March (Jog) Through the Arch 

As an old tradition, the seniors marched through the school’s entryway arch on Thursday, August 18th, dedicating a moment to its graduating class.

Each senior is announced individually by name and walks through the arch toward Founders Circle. They follow it up with huddling together to sing the Saint Paul’s Fight Song.

This tradition was initially introduced in the fall of 1994 by long-time Saint Paul’s English teacher, Mrs. Lacour, who first proposed the idea of having seniors rewarded with being announced as they walked through the arch. All in all, Mrs. Lacour is one of the main reasons why this tradition started and why it still carries on, according to Brother Ray.

Furthermore, Brother Ray also stated that the original arch was much smaller and could not have delivery trucks pass through it. Father of Saint Paul’s alumnus, Jeff Jacobs (class of 1995), was a welder and helped with tearing down the arch and rebuilding it into a much bigger arch. 

However, this year, it was the weather (and not the size of the arch) that almost prohibited students from passing through it.

A storm was quickly approaching, which forced Principal Dickens to call seniors’ names in a fast manner.

Accordingly, this year’s march was coined “Jog Through the Arch” by many.

Luckily, Dickens was able to wrap it up before the storm hit.

March Through the Arch was then followed up with Senior Unity Day. Speeches were given to the class, along with an open mic for any senior to speak their mind.

Senior Ring Ceremony 

The Senior Ring Ceremony was hosted in the Briggs Assembly center on Thursday, August 18th.

Seniors walked into the assembly center with many family members seated, ready to watch them receive their rings.

Throughout the ceremony, Brother Ray asked the seniors about their faith in God, and the seniors recited scripture readings.

The seniors sang many songs, stretching from “O God Beyond All Praising” to “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Once seniors were dismissed, they stepped off the stage and socialized with their families.


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