Saint Paul’s “Get Involved Day” Attracts Hundreds

On August 16, 2022, students got the opportunity to explore new clubs on “Get Involved Day.” During lunch, tables of the clubs stretched “Get Involved Day” from Founder’s Circle to the cafeteria.

This day is indispensable for club moderators for their club or sport to flourish. “Get Involved Day” benefits Saint Paul’s by offering the student body an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity that students may have never known existed otherwise. Saint Paul’s disciplinarian, Coach Sears, stated, “Tests have shown that joining an extracurricular activity leads to student’s grades improving.” 

Anyone can attend “Get Involved Day,” whether it’s in order to meet other students who are involved in certain extracurriculars or to meet moderators who are in charge of the activity.

The following clubs and sports attended “Get Involved Day” by setting up an event table at lunch:

Habitat for Humanity, Robo Wolves, Student Council, HOSA, Quiz Bowl, Wrestling, Bowling, St. Francis Club, Spanish Club, Marian Players (theater), Wolves of Wall Street, Key Club, Tutoring Wolves, Maelstrom, Ultimate Frisbee, Student Ambassadors, Cross Country, Wolves of Nature, Lacrosse, The Fantasy Football Club, Guerilla Wolves Media, and Wolves on Wheels.

With new clubs like Wolves of Wall Street, which was described as an “investing in stock market opportunity,” by Saint Paul’s senior, Ethan Wilson, there are a lot of opportunities for the students at Saint Paul’s to get involved in something they may find interesting.

Kholer Schneck, class of 2026, stated, “I like how it gets us included with the activities instead of Coach Sears just announcing what club meetings are coming up. It helps me visualize!” Similarly, senior Kennedy Jackson said, “It is a great opportunity to find a passion in something.” 

John Fredrick Escher (class of 2023) summed up “Get Involved Day”: It’s a great idea!”


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