Saint Paul’s Marian Players: A New Era

The Saint Paul’s Marian Players have auditioned for this semester’s play, “And Then There Were None.” 

And Then There Were None, one of the world’s best-selling mystery novels, was published by Agatha Christie in November of 1939. Much like the book, the play adaptation follows eight people and two servants who were summoned to an island. As the book progresses, all of the characters are murdered one by one. Trying to stay alive, the characters struggle to figure out the killer before they murder them too. 

The Saint Paul’s theater director, Barrett Baumgartner, described his inspiration for his choice: “As I searched for a good first show for me as a new director, I was advised to pick one I believed in. When I saw that there existed a stage version of ‘And Then There Were None,’ I stopped digging because I knew I had found gold.” 

The cast list for the drama is as follows: 

Brady Myers and Gracyn Dunavant are cast as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers; 

Colton Gernon will be Fred Narracott;

Emersyn Olivier as Vera Claythorne;

Reed Bachemin as Philip Lombard;

Cavin Taylor will play William Blore;

Grayson Guevera as Anthony Marston;

Andrew Talamo will play Dr. Armstrong;

Grace Hartdegen will play Emily Brent;

Aiden Varnado as General Mackenzie;

and Dylan Underwood will play Sir Lawrence Wargrave. 

Saint Paul’s sophomore Brady Myers is enumerated with the casting. “Mr. Baumgartner so perfectly casts the show, and I am very thankful to be a part of it. It will come together great and hopefully be one of the best shows that the Marian Players stage has seen,” exclaimed Myers.

There is, ironically, a lot of drama in the drama club though.

First, there is a brand new set of moderators. Mr. Baumgartner is stepping up as the new director after Mr. Gordon Carmadelle stepped down to pursue his own acting career and spend more time with his family (he will remain the artistic director).

Mr. Whitney Brown, a Saint Paul’s alumnus and new teacher at Saint Paul’s, has taken Mr. Baumgartner’s place as assistant director. Mr. Baumgartner described his future with the Marian Players: “The Marian Players always have striven to put on shows that are good and not merely ‘good-for-high-school.’ I want to continue that legacy of excellence… I humbly hope my predecessor will say of me: ‘Well, at least Baumgartner didn’t completely ruin it!'”

Second, the theater, the oldest building remaining on campus, is finally being renovated, leaving the Marian Players without their traditional home. Because they cannot rehearse in the theater, they are forced to rehearse in Mr. Baumgartner’s classroom!

Despite the uncertainty, one thing is certain: under the new directives of Mr. Baumgartner and Mr. Brown, the program is nonetheless in a great position to thrive. 

Book Review: And Then There Were None — Shayla Raquel


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