Saint Paul’s Student Council Welcomes the New Year

Through the start of school, the student council works hard to create a welcoming environment for students coming back to school by setting up events such as the back-to-school dance, pep rallies, and football games.

This year’s Saint Paul’s student council is comprised as follows:

President Ben Barousse;

Vice President Ethan Wilson;

Secretary Sam Gold; and,

Treasurer Grant Voyles.

With a highly successful back-to-school dance, the student council opens the doors to a new school year with tremendous energy. In preparation for upcoming events, the student council meets weekly to discuss football games and pep rallies. Student council president Ben Barousse commented on the forthcoming events: “I am excited for all the events planned for this year, and all the events we will plan… With Covid-19 restrictions, I feel as if the past years have been underwhelming, and I’m excited to attack this year with full force in everything we plan.”

From Left to right: Secretary Sam Gold, President Benjamin Barousse, and Treasurer Grant Voyles Not Pictured: Vice-President Ethan Wilson


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