Pre-Freshmen Attend Etiquette Training Before Their First Homecoming Dance

The current pre-freshmen have been treated to a luxurious meal over the past several weeks by Bosco’s, but this is not merely a relaxing, fancy lunch. This lunch is a pre-freshman tradition called etiquette training. 

Etiquette training is hosted on campus and requires two hours during the school day. This allows for the pre-freshman to learn different aspects of how to eat correctly. Some skills include what specific utensils to use with the corresponding food item, how to properly consume your soup, salad, and entree, how to pass objects around the table, and finally, learning how to communicate at the table elegantly.

Every aspect of this training is planned out by a trained professional from Bosco’s and Saint Paul’s because etiquette training takes place right before the pre-freshmen’s first Homecoming dance. 

Saint Paul’s pre-freshman Evan Guilbault somewhat enjoyed his first Saint Paul’s Homecoming dance. “It was all right. The first hour was a bit slow. But as far as I am aware, there were no problems at the Homecoming dance. They had a few exciting songs that made most people dance but nothing out of the ordinary.”

Some of the faculty also attended the dance; as moderator, Mr. Luke Barwick said, “I think the dance went well. There were a lot of smiling faces, and it was fun to see everyone have a good time.”

Of course, any Saint Paul’s dance would not be complete without having the brothers attend.

Brother Javier Hansen, FSC, stated, “I thought it was a very nice dance. It looked well attended with both 8th and 9th graders. They were happy to have a formal inside dance compared to last year’s Wolf Dome extravaganza. Both Brother Ken, FSC, and I were very popular and took many selfies. It was nice to see so many students dressed up and looking very trim.”

Let’s hope the pre-freshman demonstrated proper etiquette in their meals prior to the dance.


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