Meribo: Quality Italian in the Heart of Covington

Located in downtown Covington, Meribo rests near Saint Paul’s School and is known for its Italian roots, excellent daily dishes, and fantastic happy hour.

Just recently having its indoor dining area reopened after extensive renovations, Meribo is able to captivate its customers with its unique dishes, including specialty pizza and pasta, a spicy chicken sandwich, and even a burger!

Saint Paul’s senior Sam Gold and I started with the Italian queso, a red sauce base mixed with mozzarella and basil, giving this small plate a robust herbal flavor that perfectly matched the crisp ciabatta bread. This small plate was unique, and our only issue was seeing which of us would get the last piece of bread for the dip.

The entrees started rolling in afterward. Mr. Gold ordered a Cacio e Pepe on rigatoni pasta. In his review, he commented that “The rigatoni had a great texture, and the cheese sauce coating the pasta was delightful.” I ordered “The Vinnie,” which consists of a vodka sauce base, mozzarella, meatballs, and a spread of pesto on top, adding an insane taste to the crunchy texture of the high-heat charcoal oven that this slice of heaven baked in. This pie was extraordinary, having an exemplary flavor and an extremely crunchy texture that could combat its heavy topping load of mozzarella and meatballs.

Overall, Meribo is a fantastic dining spot whether you’re going for dinner or lunch. Its expansive pizza and pasta list leave other local spots in the dust due to its superior and daring toppings and sauces. The addition of their excellent sandwiches gives this place a multi-cultural feel that cannot be matched.


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