Saint Paul’s Seniors Chandler Loescher and Zach Montz Lift Their Way to Worlds

Two of Saint Paul’s Power Lifting competitors, seniors Chandler Loescher and Zach Montz, earned once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in Turkey at the International Power Lifting Confederation (Worlds) on August 25, 2022.

Amazingly, they came home with not one, but two awards.

With bench being his favorite lift, Loescher won the first place award for his weight class of 264 pounds. He benched 545, squatted 617, and dead lifted 585 pounds.

“I am extremely looking forward to this season. I am all ready feeling the fire to compete again,” Loescher mentioned.

“Power lifting is a sport that requires a lot of physical and mental strength. Physical so you can lift. Mental so you can stay focused, like if you miss a lift you can’t get upset about it. You have to come back and crush it and show it who is boss. I am happy to have found power lifting. It’s what I love doing most. It has taught me one main life lesson: if you get knocked down, stand right back up,” Loescher said with passion.

If you want to see more of Loescher’s elite lifts, you can find him on Instagram and Tiktok @bigchanlifts.

Montz competed in the 130.1-pound weight class. He squatted 424, benched 242, and dead lifted 424. Zach was able to achieve silver for squats and dead lifts and a bronze for bench. The numbers are absolutely astounding for someone his weight, proving Montz is among the strongest men at Saint Paul’s from a pound-per-pound standpoint.


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