Crumbl Cookies Review

Crumbl Cookies is a dessert chain that sells cookies and ice cream, and it recently came to Covington. This grand opening garnered abounding attention with lines going outside the building and into the parking lot.

Despite all the hype, the business merely sells overrated and overpriced cookies.

“Crumbl has proved time and time again that their cookies are overpriced and frankly overrated. For $15, you can get what’s considered this week’s selection, whereas it’s really just a scam that’s getting you to pay around $4 a cookie,” noted Saint Paul’s junior, Gunnar Gavel, on the business as a whole.

My first time buying Crumbl’s cookies was in July. I had extremely high hopes considering the reaction it received from customers, but it was nothing short of underwhelming. I spent close to $30 for a box of cookies.

When I tasted them, I felt they were nothing special. They were all right, but they certainly weren’t worth the money I spent. One specific gripe I had with them was the sweetness. The cookies were entirely too sweet. Saint Paul’s senior Nick Beaumont tried the viral cookies and strongly agreed. “As soon as I walked through the door, I could immediately tell that the Crumbl cookie would be abnormally sweet. Once I took my first bite, I had an immediate disdain for the sugariness of a simple chocolate chip cookie.”

On one positive note, however, the cookies were pretty large, but this does not make up for the lack of flavor beyond sugar.

When I purchased the cookies, the dessert shop’s weekly lineup was as followed: chocolate chip (the only constant each week), Butterfinger, Tootsie Roll, M&M, Rice Krispies, Nerds, and the mystery (which was Oreo that week).

The first cookie I tried was the classic chocolate chip. It was exactly as I expected. I’d say it was pretty good because I didn’t have very high hopes. It wasn’t very special, however. But then again, how special can a chocolate chip cookie be? It was pretty sweet, but I still enjoyed it.

The next was Butterfinger. I didn’t really like this one too much because, to me, there was too much going on. I didn’t really think the peanut butter mixed with the cookie flavor worked well, but it was still somewhat enjoyable.

M&M was up next, and it didn’t disappoint. I really like M&M cookies, and this lived up to my expectations. The chocolate flavor paired very well with the sugar cookie base and formed a pretty tasty treat.

Then I tried the Rice Krispies cookie, and it was “interesting” to say the least. Marshmallows and Rice Krispies weren’t terrible, but I wouldn’t call it a cookie. At most, it was a glorified Rice Krispies Treat. On top of this, it was extremely sweet and, thus, not very enjoyable.

The next one I had was the Nerds cookie, and I really did not enjoy this one either. The incredibly sweet and fruity flavor of the nerds mixed with a tart cookie left my mouth feeling desecrated. It wasn’t what I look for in a cookie and proved my low expectations true.

The final cookie I tried was the Oreo one. This was easily my favorite, for I love cookies and cream-flavored desserts. It’s a go-to combination that never fails. The chocolate cookie with the vanilla frosting came together to form a delicious dessert that almost made my purchase worth it.

After trying the cookies once more, I can say that they aren’t as bad as I once thought; however, they still are incredibly overpriced, too sweet, and overall not worth the hype.

A lot of people may find this review controversial, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


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