Introducing the Saint Paul’s Fix-It Club

A new club has risen on Saint Paul’s campus, known as the Fix-It Club.

Mr. David Arbo is the moderator, and he appointed senior Grisham Hall to be the president and student organizer for the club.

The club is still young, but the vision for the activities is exciting.

In the establishment’s first meeting, they discussed plans for the future and what they would repair the next time they met. They focused on smaller projects, e.g. toasters, sheet rock, and mini ovens; however, the dilemma holding them back from extensive meetings is the students’ schedules.

Most members, including the club’s vice president Jacob Davies, play football, leaving little time for other extra-curricular activities. They are targeting the Spring for more significant projects.

After football season, the club plans on fixing bigger things that take ample time. They plan on returning to school on some weekends and fixing items on campus, while learning from Mr. Arbo how to improve these objects. Some ideas thrown around at the last meeting included fixing toilets, water fountains, sinks, mini-fridges, sheet rock, and radios. Some of these projects can be completed at lunch, but others may require after-school or weekend attendance due to the time constraints of Saint Paul’s brief lunch period.

One genius way Mr. Arbo is attracting new members is by offering to purchase pizza and informing the students it saves them money for the future; in other words, instead of spending lunch money to pay someone to fix said items, the boys can accomplish it themselves.

Fix-It Club President Grisham Hall spoke on the importance of these tasks and how it will positively affect them later in life. “Learning how to fix everyday items helps us save a lot of money, as everything costs money these days. I love the idea, as my parents have spent countless dollars on refrigerators, toilets, and sheet rock. Mr. Arbo is doing a great service to us, and I hope other students realize this.” 

President Hall convinced me to join the club, and I advise other students to do the same.


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