Brother Ray F.S.C. Speaks on the Modern Advertising Saint Paul’s has Adopted

Over the past year, Saint Paul’s School has taken a step into the modern advertising world of 2022. For instance, a radio advertisement featuring Brother Ray was heard on WWL and two billboards have Saint Paul’s School promotions on them.

It shows a new side to Saint Paul’s, as the school has never attacked the advertising landscape like it has this year. And Brother Ray is behind all of it; however, he is new to the game. In a recent interview, he called himself a “technology and social media dinosaur.”

But what is the reason for these new advertising tactics?

While the enrollment of the school is healthy, the administration nevertheless would like to see it grow. Brother Ray comments on this, after being asked about the motivation behind the new advertising leap. “Complacency is not what we are striving for. We saw other schools making changes, and we decided to do the same, as we want to be the latest and the greatest.”

Brother Ray also got a taste of his own medicine!

After teaching students for more than 30 years, he is now the one being taught. “It was a new experience for me. I learned what a flip on a billboard was! I never thought I would be looking at different flip options, and thanks to Mrs. Mimi Monteiro, I was the one learning.”

He also spoke on his ways of proving Saint Paul’s is a great place to grow up. When asked how he would sell a student and a parent on Saint Paul’s, he said “Come on the campus and see what’s going on. Come talk to the students. See all the activities. See the beauty of our campus. And I believe they will want to be a part of it.”

We hope because of Brother Ray’s new advertising efforts, more students will be led to see the interesting campus of the historical Saint Paul’s School.


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