Profile of the Ultimate Saint Paul’s Sports Superfan: Ethan Wilson

While most students might consider themselves fans of Saint Paul’s sports teams, very few students could be classified as a “superfan.” However, current Saint Paul’s senior Ethan Wilson fits this title like a hand in a glove.

Throughout campus, Wilson is recognized as the ultimate Saint Paul’s sports fan for his passion, attendance, and boisterousness at sporting events. Wilson is constantly seen starting chants, immaculately dressing in the student section theme, and stimulating the student section.

However, this frenetic phenom of fanaticism comes from humble beginnings. He was first introduced to Saint Paul’s athletics as a wee pre-freshman. Wilson recalls his first memories of Saint Paul’s sports. “[I remember] back in eighth grade, going to the [football] games watching Jack Mashburn, now LSU superstar, play quarterback for us and lead us to a first-round playoff [appearance].”

Over the years, Wilson has watched countless Saint Paul’s games. Of course, he holds some games closer to his heart than others. Although Wilson has many fond memories to choose from, he can pick out one game as his favorite. “Without a doubt, the [game] I won fan of the week in: basketball in January 2022 versus Mandeville.”

This “SPS Fan of the Week” win was the first of a record-tying two such titles. As previously stated, Wilson was awarded “SPS Fan of the Week” in January 2022 versus Mandeville in basketball, and he was honored once again during the Saint Paul’s versus West Jefferson football game in September 2022.

However, two ‘SPS Fan of the Week” honors are not enough for Wilson. “Job’s not finished. [I’m] going for a third this basketball season.”

Wilson is not delusional in his aspirations for a third “SPS Fan of the Week” this basketball season. He has a special connection to the sport of basketball, making it easier for him to be spirited. When asked what his favorite sport to watch at Saint Paul’s is, he responded, “Basketball because [of] how close you are to the players and how you are able to interact with the players on the court, and they interact with you. It creates a great atmosphere.”

Wilson prepares for Saint Paul’s games in a straightforward and routine manner. “I simply say a prayer and just tell myself, ‘it’s go time.’ Then, I get the student section riled up and going.”

Wilson does not limit his support to the basketball and football teams, however. He especially feels that the soccer team does not receive the support that they deserve. “There [are] barely any fans there, and with the amount of success they have compared to other sports, the stands should be packed every game.”

Wilson understands the importance of generating involvement among the entire student body at sports events. He offers advice for the students of Saint Paul’s who lack his zeal for Saint Paul’s sports.

“Everyone has their own set of ideals. Some people love Saint Paul’s, but they might not be as spirited or as loud as me. But I would tell them to come to a basketball game and just witness the Gene Bennett Sports Complex in action. When you get in the Gene and in the student section, there is no way you can’t be spirited.”

As we go forward in the year, Wilson has high aspirations for the Wolves.

When asked what he hopes for the future of Saint Paul’s sports, he simply stated, “state championships.”


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