Top 5 Reasons Saint Paul’s Students Should be Thankful

Saint Paul’s students are grateful for a lot. There are too many wonderful things to encapsulate all of them; however, I have funneled it down to five that make all of our lives easier and more fun.

5. The Student Council – An honest truth that is present every year at Saint Paul’s is the portion of students who take the student council for granted; however, the student council does not mind. In fact, the students in student council use it as a chip on their shoulders and work even harder for those who could not care less. Although some do not care, a smart percentage of the school does. The student body should greatly appreciate the effort and inclusion the student council offers and carries out. Thank you, Student Council, for the time and effort put into all school events!

4. Coach Sean Moser and the Prestigious Saint Paul’s Soccer Team – Not only is Coach Moser a fun and likable teacher, but he brings incredible coaching to Saint Paul’s athletics. He has brought the Wolves to 11 state championships in the last 12 years and has won seven of them! Yet, why should this specific item be on the list? Well, it propels us above Jesuit and Catholic High School who are two prominent rivals the Wolves consistently run into on and off the pitch. The soccer team is fun to watch, and we appreciate their greatness. Thank you Coach Moser!

3. Sergeant Pressley’s Snack Shop – Less formally known as “Sarge” by many of the students, Sergeant Don Pressley is a living legend around Saint Paul’s campus. He does a great favor for Saint Paul’s students selling candy and exotic chips out of his snack shop. It would not be ridiculous to say that every student in the school has purchased an item from Sarge at least once in his career, and many students are routine customers. One of Sarge’s most loyal customers, senior Trevor Flood, had this to say when addressing his gratitude toward Sarge, “Sarge and his snack shop are two of my favorite parts about Saint Paul’s. I can not thank him enough for his dedication to the shop. A Snickers at lunch or a Reese’s in between classes are necessities, and I am forever thankful for that.” Thank you Sarge!

2. The Saint Paul’s Mother’s Club – From running the bookstore to helping fund student pilgrimages and educational programs, the Saint Paul’s Mother’s Club is an incredible asset to the Saint Paul’s community. Year-in and year-out, they support the students’ learning and build their Saint Paul’s spirit in running the bookstore. Also, they recently assisted Brother Ray, FSC in upgrading the Vex Robotics program at Saint Paul’s with buying the new, top-of-the-line materials, making the Pre-freshmen “Project Lead the Way” course one of the best in the state. Thank you Mother’s Club!

1. Brother Ray Bulliard FSC – I have had the great privilege in my Saint Paul’s career of not only getting to know Brother Ray, but also taking his class. Brother Ray has had a great impact on my life as well as thousands before me. He is the leading force at Saint Paul’s and continues to make his presence known. He pleads with students to make good choices, but also to keep their grades high. At the beginning of the year, he tells the entire student body that they have received a “rough irregular pearl,” and they must shine out this pearl through their good actions. Whether it is his helpful advice or great teaching, Brother Ray remains a pillar of Saint Paul’s, and we could not do without him. Thank you Brother Ray!


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